Our Vision


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The School’s Ethos

The school’s ethos is based on respect for the intrinsic capabilities of children and the recognition that all children are unique individuals with a wide range of abilities and potentials. Children will be valued as strong, sociable and capable individuals, constantly learning and enquiring about the world around them. The school will be a place where children will be encouraged to be curious, to ask questions, to learn from one another and to create their own theories and solutions.

We believe that, for children to flourish, the educational opportunities provided at school must be supported by caring, knowledgeable adults in the home. Parents and carers will therefore be encouraged, welcomed and respected for the knowledge and experience that they bring to a child?s education. Moreover, they will be invited to partake in the ongoing program of training to further enhance their nurturing skills and improve basic skills in literacy and numeracy so that they are better able to support their child?s learning.

Dialogue with, and democratic decision-making between, children, staff, parents and the wider community will be central to the running of the school, with parents actively involved in school activities.
Moreover, as much learning as possible will be experiential, open-ended and enquiry-based and undertaken in rich and exciting learning environments, including the outdoors. As often as possible, the arts will be utilised to encourage free expression, imagination and creativity. We recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of every child, not least by cultivating and celebrating the various talents and interests every child possesses.


Our Vision

Our vision is that all children, regardless of socio-economic background, family circumstances, ethnic origin, religion or belief, or special need,

  • Will achieve their full potential
  • Have a supportive learning environment at home as well as at school
  • Develop a love for learning and high aspirations
  • Have high levels of self-respect, self-esteem and self-belief
  • Cultivate a rich variety of intelligences and competencies
  • Have ownership of their learning and develop their own interests and talents
  • Be fully prepared to succeed in their secondary education.

Our School

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