Forest school taster reminder

Forest school taster

If anyone is interested in coming along to meet our new outdoor coordinators and to see where the children will be learning outdoors, side effects please come to Thornley Woods Visitor Centre on Thursday 25th July at 1pm, pilule bring suitable clothing, about it drinks and snacks for your family.

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If you can offer a lift or need a lift, contact us asap and we’ll try and arrange car shares.

We’ll be outside the visitor’s centre at 1pm.

Site update

We are currently planning the refurbishment of our temporary site in Benwell Nature Park on Atkinson Road, depending on the schedule of works, we intend to hold open evenings during August so parents and carers can view the site, purchase uniform and collect information.

Parent packs

We have our new prospectus on order, these will be posted to parents starting reception early in August, and to our wider mailing list later in the summer for 2014 admissions.


Sweaters with the WNA embroidered logo are on order from Tesco, we’ll be offering these for sale during August, and will be provided free of charge of families in receipt of Pupil Premium.

Bottle green sweater (with WNA Logo), plain white polo shirt, grey trousers, joggers or jeans.

Slippers or plimsolls are to be worn inside and wellies or boots are needed for outside activities.

All costs are contained on the order form link below.

Uniform Order form

Late admissions

We currently have 26 children confirmed to start in September, so 2 reception places still remain available, contact us if you are interested in applying.


We have been informed of an imminent pre-opening inspection, to ensure all of our policies and procedures are compliant, results will be posted on our website and sent to lists.