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This is a new school and a new way of learning for the families in west Newcastle. We aim to provide space and time for children to develop a deeper way of learning, seek and for parents to be engaged in that process. By exploring learning in small groups and in many different contexts; the city, forest, beach, school and home we will ensure every child has many opportunities to learn in ways the best match their interests.
We hope that supportive environment, together with a high ratio of skilled staff, volunteers and parents, will enable children to be enthusiastic and independent learners.
Children will be encouraged and expected to outperform their peers educationally, socially and make a positive contribution to their community.

The School’s Aim
To enhance the school choice for families in west central Newcastle by providing a different way of learning in varied contexts.

The School’s Vision
All children will achieve their full potential, with holistic support, whilst they enjoy, own and drive their learning, gaining self-respect, self-esteem and self- belief.

Our Ethos
Is based on respect for the intrinsic capabilities of children and the recognition that all children are unique individuals with a wide range of abilities and potentials. Children are valued as strong, sociable and capable individuals, constantly learning and enquiring about the world about them.

WNA is a place where children are encouraged to be curious, to ask questions, to learn from one another and create their own theories and ask questions.

Dialogue with, and democratic decision making between children, staff, parents and the wider community is central to the running of WNA. Learning is experiential, open ended and enquiry based and undertaken in rich and exciting learning environments, including the forest, beach, city and community.

All children:

  • Will achieve their full potential and all can achieve excellence
  • Have a supportive learning environment at home and school with parents valued as the primary educators
  • Develop a love for learning when seen as unique individuals and engaged in meaning projects
  • Have high levels of respect, self-esteem and self-belief when they learn through collaboration with others
  • Cultivate a variety of intelligence’s and competencies when given the opportunity to learn from experts in a democracy.

Our Vision: All children will achieve their full potential, with holistic support, whilst they enjoy, own and drive their learning, gaining self-respect, self-esteem and self- belief.

West Newcastle Academy is a new primary school in Benwell. We are currently based at Benwell Nature Park, and are having a brand new school built on Armstrong Road.

WNA is a place where children are encouraged to be curious – to ask questions and learn from one another. Teaching and learning is child-centred with a balance between teacher-led and child-initiated learning.

Children spend two days every week learning away from the school – in ‘forest school’, at the beach or visiting museums, farms and parks.

Term Dates
Our term dates are here:

Term Dates 2016-17

Accessible Access
West Newcastle Academy is currently situated in temporary accommodation within Benwell Nature Park. There is wheelchair access to the school via a ramp through the classroom. There is also a disabled parking bay available. Our new school will be fully DDA compliant and will include wheelchair access, an accessible life and disabled parking bays. Please call the school office for further information.

Contacting the School:
Phone calls will be answered by Carol or Saj in the office.
Our Headteacher is Susan Percy.
You can call the school on 0191 273 9477 or email on admin@westnewcastleacademy.org

Pupil Premium & Free School Meals:
Pupils whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits are entitled to Pupil Premium, which gives free school meals and school uniform to the pupil and gives extra funding to the school to ensure every child reaches their full potential.
All children in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year One and Year Two) are entitled to free school meals.

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Advice on absences
Infection control in schools

School Uniform
All children are encouraged to wear school uniform to help foster a sense of belonging to the school community. Details of our school uniform can be found here:

WNA Uniform

Links to our pages on Ofsted and Parent View

We always welcome feedback – please visit Parent View to give yours:

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