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We are an Ofsted-rated ‘Good’ primary school with a fresh approach to learning.

At West Newcastle Academy, our vision is that all children will achieve their full potential, with holistic support, whilst they enjoy, own and drive their learning, gaining self-respect, self-esteem and self- belief.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia and Danish pre-schools, this is a school like no other. We have a very personalised approach, building learning environments that are meaningful to every child, because we know that children learn best when they are engaged in their learning.

About Our School


This is a new school and a new way of learning for the families in West Newcastle.

We aim to provide space and time for children to develop a deeper way of learning, seek and for parents to be engaged in that process.

By exploring learning in small groups and in many different contexts; the city, forest, beach, school and home we will ensure every child has many opportunities to learn in ways the best match their interests.

We hope that supportive environment, together with a high ratio of skilled staff, volunteers and parents, will enable children to be enthusiastic and independent learners.

Children will be encouraged and expected to outperform their peers educationally, socially and make a positive contribution to their community.


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