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We will offer a distinctive educational model by combining the following elements:

  • An early years foundation stage model for all children up to age 7.

  • An emphasis on developing the skills of parents as carers and educators.

  • Thematic, cross-curricular, project-based learning for at least 50% of learning time for 7 to 11 year olds.

In keeping with our ethos, we will emphasise these distinctive qualities:

  • Experiential, open-ended and enquiry-based learning.

  • Problem solving and critical awareness.

  • Placing skills acquisition at the centre of the learning process.

  • Engaging in significant amounts of learning outdoors and off-site.

  • Teachers, parents and other caring adults will be facilitators of, and collaborators with, children’s learning.

  • The importance and value of self-assessment and peer assessment.

  • The importance, value and benefits of play.

  • The importance of child-centred and project-based learning to ensure children take ownership for their learning and develop their own interests and talents.

  • The importance of the arts to encourage free expression, imagination and creativity.

This distinctive model addresses the needs and aspirations of the local population. We recognise that, to improve educational provision in the area, we must first re-engage with the parents. We will provide a model of education that easily involves the parents and is transferable to the home environment. Despite the best efforts of existing schools, many parents report to us that they feel that they are not welcome in schools.


To counter this, we want to provide a radically different model that will:

  • Make it easy for parents to engage with their children's education.

  • Develop parental nurturing skills.

  • Put children in charge of their own learning.


In keeping with our ethos, every family will be supported as it builds a quality learning environment for their child, so that all children have an enhanced chance to succeed.

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