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Year 4

Home learning challenges, 27/3/20. 

Remember to take breaks in between tasks - and that it's sometimes best to do the activity you will most enjoy at the end!



In today’s zoom sessions, we are going to imagine a character in our setting and explore what type of person they might be. We will also think about how they might perceive their surroundings!  If you cannot attend, please have a go at describing your character and how they might feel in your setting.



Have a go at this fraction challenge!  The first clip shows you how to make square paper out of normal paper.   


This one is the main challenge! 



Think about a shadow.  In a shadow, you cannot see any of the details inside of the object that is casting the shadow.  Only if the detail on the side of a shape is blocking light can you see it.  This means a shadow is a solid shape, where the outline matches that of the object that has cast it.  

When we create art in this way, it is known as a silhouette.  A silhouette is usually made in black and can be cut out, painted or drawn.  Have a go at creating some silhouette artwork! It could be based on objects in your house, on an image, on yourself, or anything that comes to mind! I have added some examples below. 

Feel free to share your artwork on PurpleMash!  














Complete a reading task in your home learning booklet or read for 30  You can find one here for free! https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk