Year 4

Hello and welcome to year 4! 

Every week I will be setting homework on the website for children to complete at home. The homework does not need to be handed in at school but do email me if you need any help. I will set homework on a Friday and we will do our spellings on the following Friday morning. If you do need to contact me, email me at and I will do my best to get back to you between 8am-8:30am or 3:30-5pm on weekdays. 

This week on Monday-Wednesday I will be carrying out parents evening phone calls. 

On Thursday morning we will be having the flu sniff at school.

On Friday morning, join us in raising money for Children in Need. Wear your pyjamas or fancy dress to school (or normal clothes) and bring in a £1.

Hope you're all well,

Phoebe and Olivia 

This week your homework is:

Maths - in year 4 we are really concentrating on our times tables and are trying to improve our scores each week. On Purple Mash there is a game to play all about adding in column addition (You have to click on the circle to see the column addition).

Extension - Can you work out the answer to these questions? 

 a) 3459 + 2372 =

 b) 4528 + 3781 =

 c) 2845 + 3197 =

 d) 4210 + 1999 =

 e) 8274 + 1558 =

Can you play TT rockstars for at least 15 minutes? I have set up a competition so have a go if you would like. 

On the PurpleMash blog, you will find some maths challenges if you feel like more of a challenge this week.

Spellings - Practice your spellings at home. You might want to practice writing them on a piece of paper and asking a grown up to read them out to you while you write them down. Have a look to see if you were right. Practice makes perfect.

This week the spelling rule is: adding the suffix -sion.











Spellings with Olivia:









Reading - On the 2-Do area of Purple Mash, I have attached a chapter of a new book for you to read at home. It is called the Knockers. Read the chapter carefully and see if you can answer the questions about it. Can you tell me more about Drake?

If you do not remember your Purple Mash log on, please contact Phoebe.

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