Year 5

Homework - Week 2

Just a reminder that homework will be set every Friday and needs to be submitted the following Wednesday.

It is important for the children to complete this as it will help consolidate learning from the previous

If you have any issues with accessing PurpleMash please let me know and I can support you with that.

Homework tasks:

Maths: PurpleMash '2do' on ordering and comparing numbers.

Reading: Your class reading book with a comment in your reading journal and the chapter on PurpleMash '2do'.

Writing: PurpleMash '2do' linked to the reading.

Topic: PurpleMash '2do' To plan a healthy meal.

Spellings or phonics on PurpleMash.

Words with endings that sound like /shuhs/ (spelt with –tious or –ious)

As an extra task you could develop your sketching from this week's art lesson. You could sketch your hand again and look at making it 3D.