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Hello and welcome back!


I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and a happy New Year. Unfortunately, due to the announcement made on Monday night, we are having to return to online learning. There will be a daily zoom session for year 5 at 9am, focused on different areas of the curriculum. I hope to see everyone there to share your fantastic learning and news. We will also be sending out a weekly learning menu, along with the resources needed. These tasks and resources will also be available for you on this page.

If there are any issues or you need to speak to me about anything, please don't hesitate to email me.

Thank you for all your support and patience during this challenging time.

Week 2 (11th January 2021)

Maths - This week we are learning about multiplying 2/3/4 digits by 2-digit numbers. It is Week 2 on the White Rose Home Learning. Each lesson has a video here:

And then a worksheet attached. Have a go at what you can and don’t worry! Feel free to email any questions.


You can use Maths Bot: to practice topics we have already covered.


There are also some videos/activities here which might help:  


TT Rockstars:

Reading/Writing - Use the OXFORD OWL website to find a book to read:

Username - year5wna20

Password - Password123


Test your reading of the book on AR:


There is a booklet attached with some activities to go with our class read, Chester’s Fairground which we will read during Zoom.

This week in writing we are going to use the video of the ‘Wishgranter’ for our writing.

  • Retell the story from various points of view:

The Wishgranter

The Money wisher

Either of the love wishers

  • Write diary entries for the various characters

  • Discuss what you would wish for and why. 

  • Write an explanation about how wishes are granted.

  • Create thought bubbles for the people making the wishes.

  • Write dialogue for the two characters at the end.

  • Explain what is needed in a Wishgranter's toolbox.

  • Create a persuasive film review and trailer.


SPaG – Using Brackets to indicate parenthesis – Take a look at the PPTs and complete the mini test.


Take a look at this website which has lots of reading and writing opportunities -



Topic - PSHE:  Understanding the effects and risks of alcohol and tobacco -


RE:  Interview a believer about what worship means to them or use videos to gain the information. Present the interview/research in the form of an article for a Magazine.


Art:  Design your own pattern for the side of a ride in the style of Fred Fowle.


DT – At a fairground it isn’t always the rides that attract people, it is the games/activities they also have on offer.

Can you think of games that incorporate magnets, electrical circuits or control programs? – some examples could be: Steady Hand – steer a metal hoop around a piece of twisted metal without the two touching and a buzzer sounding Magnetic fishing game – catch fish with a magnetic fishing rod Electronic Quiz – join a question to the correct answer, using a wire, to light a bulb.

Think of other games that could be adapted to have a magnetic or electrical component or computer program, e.g. Pin the tail on the donkey, if it’s in the right place a buzzer sounds; or Magnetic Battleships, put metal discs on a grid where some of the squares have magnets under them. Extend the thinking to fairground games where you could use magnets or electrical components e.g. Hook a duck by catching it with a magnetic rod; the coconut shy, hit a coconut and hear a buzzer sound.

Your task is to design a game with one or more of these components for a fairground. You could draw your design and describe how it works, or you can use a computer program to create it digitally – The options and creativity is limitless so I want to see some really unique ideas!




Community Learning - Can you complete a Mile a Day?


Can you design or design and make a Scarecrow for our allotment?

Can you find out how to make compost? If you have a place at home you could set up a composting station.

Extra - Why not try these daily challenges -


Try our ‘Home Learning Twelve Challenge’ – Use the sheet attached to complete the tasks – how many can you do? Will you get bronze, silver or gold!?


Visit purple mash and complete some task related activities and check out the school website on the Year 5 Home Learning page to practise your spellings. Why don’t you upload any activities or work you do to our blog on PurpleMash – I would love to see all your fantastic work.




Extension - Can you find out what each word means and put them words in to sentences?

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