Year 6

Homework - Week 2 (14/01/21)


Just a reminder - homework will be set on a Friday and needs to be submitted by the following Wednesday. It is really important that the children are completing these tasks in any way that they can as they help to consolidate learning from the previous week. If you are experiencing any issues with accessing PurpleMash or the homework tasks themselves, then please let me know and I can support you and the children with that. I know that there can be problems with PurpleMash, please don't worry and just complete tasks in whatever way works best for the children.

Homework Tasks (Hand-in - Wednesday 19th January 2022)

Reading - PurpleMash 2Dos.

Read your reading book and fill out the reading record.

Remember to record these in your reading record.


Writing - PurpleMash 2Dos.

Maths - PurpleMash 2Dos.

PurpleMash - Table Toons activities

Practise your multiplication on 'Times Table Rockstars'.

IPC - PurpleMash 2Dos.

Spellings - Practise spellings for our test on Tuesday. Find out the meanings of the words and then put them into sentences.


Words with a long /e/ sound spelt ‘ie’ or ‘ei’ after c (and exceptions).

1. siege

2. niece

3. grief

4. chief

5. fiend

6. shriek

7. believe

8. achieve

9. convenience

10. mischievous