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Home Learning Friday 27. 3. 20



Number blocks is a great and educational tv program which helps develop childen’s concept of number. You can watch on the bbc iplayer as well as on youtube or the cbeebies website - https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/numberblocks

Watch an episode or 2 today!



Today we are looking at the special friend sound ‘oo’ as in ‘poo at the zoo!’ Think of words that include ‘oo’ such as zoo, moon, spoon, zoom.  Can you write them in your yellow book? Maybe you could write a sentence that includes them? Watch this clip on you tube to help.



For more phonics watch …


Each session is available for 24 hours before its replaced with the following days learning. There are 3 sessions – set 1, set 2, and set 3. Email me if you want advice on which set would be best for your child to watch, or watch set 2 and it’s a little hard for them go to set 1, and if it’s a little easy move them onto set 3. The phonics I suggesting for home learning is currently set 2. J


Creative Challenge

Using whatever recycling / boxes/ creative supplies you may have lying around and your challenge is to build your own creation out of junk modelling! You might want to do this today, or over the weekend! Maybe you will make a rocket, a house, a robot… the choice is yours! Use your imagination and let’s see what you can do!


Singing Assembly

Join Katie in zoom at 3pm to take part in a whole school singing assembly! I will send the zoom link in another email. 


Have a lovely restful weekend!