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Volunteer Opportunities

At WNA we see our school as part of the community and so we want to acknowledge the very important role parents play in educating children.


All parents have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is particularly relevant to children in their neighbourhood; we want to harness this knowledge by involving parents in the fabric of the school, so we can all learn from each other.

Parents who accept our invitation to help support children will be joining a very professional training program, where they can develop their own learning skills to pass on to their children to ensure that every pupil can access a high quality learning experience, at home as well as at school.

All parents will be encouraged to volunteer within the school, as outdoor assistants, classroom help, in the offices and other support services. Moreover, we will engage other community members, particularly retired people, as volunteers in order to broaden the experiences and skills available to learners.

Volunteer parents will be invited to take part in CPD opportunities. These opportunities will be provided to improve their understanding of how they can support their children’s learning, and so they can access basic skills training to improve their personal skills and knowledge.

Parent volunteers will become an integral and important part of the teaching team. Training will also be offered to parents who are unable to volunteer, through drop-in sessions, internet courses and handbooks.

By the end of the Foundation Phase, every child will have a very supportive learning environment at home, and be ready to fully engage in high quality learning.


Many volunteer opportunities exist within the school and as part of our commitment to learning outdoors, we appreciate volunteer support:

  • In the classroom, reading to children

  • In the office, filing, data entry, answering phone calls

  • On trips to the woods and in the community, helping with crossing roads etc

  • At lunch time, sharing a meal and supervising children

  • After and before school, supporting wrap around care

  • As a parent governor, contributing to the strategic direction of WNA

  • Supporting conservation work in the Nature Park, led by the rangers


If you think you could help, whether regularly or just now-and-again, and for more information on our volunteer policies and agreements, please contact the office via email



All volunteers must undergo a DBS and identity check.


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